Product detail


CE Mark
Certificate of Reliability


Compulsory cooling system
- adopting 3phase cooling machine makes high efficiency.

Automatic temperature control system
- It's easy to change the temperature.

Built-in individual oil cooler pump
- It's realized low noise level.

Various models
- many chances to choose.

compact design
- It's convenient to install and use.

Many-sided machining centers.
Hydraulic machinery for industry purpose.

System that used various cooling fluids
(injection molding, electric discharge processor,hydraulic press, ets.)

Manufacturing machines and automation equipments.


By using the refrigerator, it controls the temperature of hydraulic oil or lubricating oil according to the changes of the room temperature or the machine temperature, prevents the machine from being heat deflected, and improves the processing density.
Working Temperature Range

It's limited both of room temperature and fluid
temperature because of refrigerating machine
※ Please check the range in next page.

The range of adjusting the temperature is indicated.
" -10˚ ~ +10˚" : the difference between the room temperature and the fluid temperature

ex) in case of the room temp:20˚, you can set the