Product detail

KDP Type

Complete sealing structure : completely sealed and has excellent resistance to oil and water.
Minimum wiring : while multi-stage rotary switch combines the code in a complicated wiring,
   this switch uses digital code system, is simplified and can connect the connector.
Simple change of setting value : simple change of setting value : setting value can be changed
Adopt contact point : maintain stable friction resistance with double slide contact point and have
   high reliability.
Type of Cord : 2 types are available such as complement binary cord and real binary cord.
   The angles are available in 2 types such as 15 ˚ and 30 ˚.
Prevent wrong signal : inhibit terminal or parity terminal are set depending on the cord.

Scope of Usage Temperature : 20℃ ~ + 70℃
Rotation TORQUE : 0.1 - 0.2N - m (1.2㎏f-cm)
Friction resistance : DC5V1A 1KHz ± 200Hz voltage decline method, the voltage of below 200mV,
   current of below 50mA and resistance of below 100MΩ
Insulation resistance : for DC250V 1 minutes, over 500MΩ between terminal. For DC250V 1 minute,
   over 5.000MΩ between terminal and the main unit.
Rating : resistance load -- AC5V 0.5A------- 50V 0.05A
---------------------------DC5V 0.25A------ 25V 0.05A

General Type
N Type
Step angle
Complement binery(02)
Real binery(01)

Stage adjustment method
  When you adjust the stages, put the bolt stopper pin in the hole representing A, B, C, and so on.
Example) When it's a switching of 30 and the operation scope covers from 0 to 8
--------- (nine stages)

       START : 0 → A
       END : 8 → S

Example) 15 switching

Note: When the scope of the set values ranges from 0 to 22, put one stopper pin in the A location.
      When the scope of the set values ranges from 0 to 23, you don't need a stopper pin.

 Attention List for Safety


1. When it is used in a machine that might cause accidents of worker or enormous property
    damage, it should be used after the double safety device is attached.
2. If it is used with the voltage other than the designated one, it might cause injury for human
    and property damage
3. Before turning on the power, make sure whether the wires are connected correctly.
4. Do not disassemble, process, remedy or repair this product in ant case, because it might
    cause malfunctioning.
5. Do not use it in a circumstance that might cause injury of human and breakage of machine.


1. Do not use it outside.
2. Do not use it nearby corrosive gas(especially, harmful gas, ammonia, etc)and
    inflammable gas.
3. For cleaning, do not use water or fluid solvent, but a dry cloth or compressed air.
4. For installation and separation of this products, make sure the power is OFF.
5. When connecting it with external equipments, check the wire number and make sure
    it is connected correctly.
6. Avoid the following places when installing the product.

  • Place where the main body can receive shock or vibration directly.
  • Place with a lot of dusts. dirts, salts or irons.
  • Place exposed with a direct sunlight.
7. The colors or parts of design of this product are subject to changes without a prior notice in
    order to improve the quality of the product